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Top 5 BI Predictions for 2009

Well as 2008 draws to a close here are my top five (tongue in cheek) Business Intelligence predictions for 2009. 5. Since all the Canadian government can do is squabble over who is going to rule the country Canadians take things into their own hands and implement a real-time policy voting and measu... [More]

Retaining your information: good or bad?

Yahoo announced they are reducing their user data retention policy to 90 days. Read about it here. Is this good or bad for users? Theoretically the more information a company has about you the better it can service you. The company knows your interests and behaviours and can therefore optimize the r... [More]

"over 150 canned reports included"

Software makers often use the volume of pre-created reports as a selling point of their software. The number of reports doesn't matter. The question is does the system have the report relevant to the user with the right data presented in an understandable way? Having many reports just make... [More]

Marketing in 2009

I attended a roundtable event this morning put on by the Canadian Marketing Association. The panelists represented a great cross section of Marketing Executives from Harlequin, Canada Post, Chapters-Indigo and Dell Canada. Two common themes of the greatest needs for 2009 were the need to measure res... [More]