Insight from Agora Consultants

Changes to Microsoft Performance Point

The news that made the headlines with Microsoft over the past week was the layoffs. However, for BI professionals there has been an even more impactful change. Microsoft is changing the way Performance Point is packaged and licensed. The Monitoring and Analytics piece will become part of Microsoft O... [More]

SQL 2008 Table Partitioning Wizard

I have found that table partitioning in SQL Server is not widely used or understood.  Table partitioning is a feature available with the Enterprise editions of SQL Server.  It allows you to split large database tables into separate parts.  There are many benefits to table partitioning... [More]

Exceptions Happen - Deal With It!

In my last post (Mosquito Coils and Software Design) I discussed how defensive design can be used to ensure a product can still be used even after a failure of one part of the system.  Defensive design can be divided into many different areas.  Clearly one of the areas to concentrate on is... [More]

Business Intelligence and Strategic Planning

With the New Year upon us many organizations (and individuals) are putting plans in place for 2009. There are lots of discussions of strategic objectives, goals, critical success factors etc. The biggest challenge sorting through the planning process is to have a framework in place so that the... [More]