Insight from Agora Consultants

Objective: Deliver Projects on Time

The last objective I will look at as part of the series supporting Metrics for Successful Project Delivery is “Deliver Projects on Time”. Along with budget it is the most watched metric for projects. The key point to recognize is different people in an organization have different ways to contributin... [More]

Twitter and the Trough of Disillusionment

Gartner frequently publishes a very interesting take on technology that they call the “Hype Cycle”.  In it, they analyze technology advancements through a lifecycle that includes a Technology Trigger that starts things off, a period called the Peak of Inflated Expectations where things are hype... [More]

Objective: Provide high quality deliverables

Last week I discussed the objective “Maintain high project data quality”. I’m going to keep on the quality theme but switch to the objective “Provide high quality deliverables”. Deliverables mean different things depending on what business you are in. For the purposes of this discussion I will assum... [More]

2nd Best Job for the Future?

The morning radio I listened to today had a list of the “Best Jobs for the Future”.  Software engineer came second, behind Actuary.  Now I’m not one to frown on another profession, but this seemed a little out of order.  Actuaries deal mostly with numbers and arcane issues of mortalit... [More]