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Database Table Editor

Background Storing configurable data in a database is a common and recommend practise.  Doing so, allows for the application to be easily configurable without having to recompile and deploy a new version.   Examples of commonly used configurable data that could be stored in a databas... [More]

Mosquito Coils and Software Design

For those of you that live in the Southern Ontario region you know that the summer of 2008 will go down in the records books as the rainiest summers on record.  The weather was often sunny and warm, but when it rained it really came down hard. Unfortunately there is a little pest known to us a... [More]

Two big product annoucements

Microsoft had two big annoucements related to BI this week. Both are for Q1 2010 release. Kilimanjaro - this is an addition to SQL server for distributed processing of very large databases. They demonstrated a farm of 24 servers X 8 CPUs processing queries of a 150 TB database. Gemini - this is... [More]

Data Mining at the point of Data Entry

I saw a brilliantly simple application of data mining this afternoon. Consider the scenario where you already have lots of data and users still entry more data via a web form. Apply Data Mining to determine if the information the user entered makes sense based on the existing data. Flag any fie... [More]

Gartner comments on the future of BI

I went to a Gartner session where they talked about the future of BI. The two items that stood our were: BI as a service - particularly as it applies to consolidating information in an industry and selling the aggregate back to the customer base Emergence of a Model Factory - building, pac... [More]