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The Trough Approaches

Last January I wrote a blog post called “Twitter and the Trough of Disillusionment”.  It referred to Gartner’s annual analysis of emerging technology lifecycles.  Micro-blogging, the most notable example being Twitter, was on the downward slope from the Peak of Inflated Expectations toward... [More]

Windows Pain?

Those 17 years old or younger (like my daughters) might recognize the reference to a recent Eminem song.  But there aren’t likely many teenagers reading this blog post instead of updating their Facebook status. The title refers to a couple of events that seem to suggest concern for the future ... [More]

A Bad App is still a Bad App

Alternative title would be “Continued Adventures with my iPad”. As I posted two recently, I have started using an iPad.  It currently sits on our kitchen table, counter or on the couch in the family room.  Great for checking the weather, sports scores, checking (not composing) email etc.&... [More]

Form Equals Function

I have a friend.  Let’s call him Larry.  That’s actually pretty easy because his name IS Larry.  Larry has been a long time Mac zealot – perhaps the biggest I have ever met.  Larry has been convinced forever that Macs are inherently better than any other technology.  While I... [More]

Small tool big job-SharePoint 2010 Developer Dashboard

Have you ever suffered through a SharePoint page taking a long to render? If you did, how easy was it to find out what caused it? This may not be a easy task, but now SharePoint 2010 has a new feature call Developer Dashboard which provides performance and tracing information about the page renderin... [More]

Emotions and Dashboard Design

In my previous post, Do emotions have a role to play in dashboard design? I discussed how emotions play a part in good design.  In this posting I’ll discuss how emotions would play apart in good design of a dashboard. As mentioned in the previous post, design can be broken into the aspects of v... [More]