Insight from Agora Consultants

Form Equals Function

I have a friend.  Let’s call him Larry.  That’s actually pretty easy because his name IS Larry.  Larry has been a long time Mac zealot – perhaps the biggest I have ever met.  Larry has been convinced forever that Macs are inherently better than any other technology.  While I... [More]

Back to School – Technology Style

Like most kids in the civilized world north of the equator, my three daughters all went back to school this week.  The eldest has just gone away to university for first year and she happens to have chosen my alma mater, so moving her in to residence this weekend brought back lots of memories of... [More]

Canadian Productivity – Oxymoron?

Just recently I read a book called “Fearful Symmetry – The Fall and Rise of Canada’s Founding Values” by Brian Lee Crowley.    The book is very interesting for those of us who are concerned with Canada’s place in the world and what our country wil... [More]

The time is right for Project Portfolio Management (PPM)

Bad economic news is all around us and will affect most organizations with reductions in revenues, expense and staff cuts and greater scrutiny of all expenditures. For many it is easy to conclude that now is not the time to be investing in project management tools and processes. In fact, the opposit... [More]

Visual Studio 2010 Launch Event

Last Monday Agora hosted a “booth” at the Toronto event for Microsoft’s Visual Studio 2010 Launch Event.  "Booth” is in quotes because this was not the typical trade-show kind of booth.  The event was set up as a celebration of software developers and all the wonderful things that t... [More]

Olympic Turnaround for Canadian IT Sector?

Now 10 days past, we still bask in the glow of the golden performances by Canadian Winter Olympians in Vancouver.  Even more importantly, as Canadians, we continue to thump our chests about stepping up on the world stage and demonstrating that we are proud of our country and our accomplishments... [More]

Governance – the great business equalizer

Here at Agora we have 3 service offerings and there is sometimes confusion around what links them all together.  The offerings are: Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) - which includes Custom Software Development.  Short description, helping customers choose, create and manage their... [More]

Twitter and the Trough of Disillusionment

Gartner frequently publishes a very interesting take on technology that they call the “Hype Cycle”.  In it, they analyze technology advancements through a lifecycle that includes a Technology Trigger that starts things off, a period called the Peak of Inflated Expectations where things are hype... [More]