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Small tool big job-SharePoint 2010 Developer Dashboard

Have you ever suffered through a SharePoint page taking a long to render? If you did, how easy was it to find out what caused it? This may not be a easy task, but now SharePoint 2010 has a new feature call Developer Dashboard which provides performance and tracing information about the page renderin... [More]

Tips For SharePoint Remote Debugging

As many of the developers don’t have WSS or MOSS installed at development environment, the Visual Studio Remote Debugger will help us to debug our SharePoint applications. There are couples of things needs to be notice while remote debugging: 1.        ... [More]

Empower Business Users with Report Builder 2.0

SQL Server 2008 includes a new version of Report Builder which was first introduced in SQL Server 2005 for end users to create ad hoc reports. It delivers an intuitive, Office-like report authoring environment enabling business and power users to leverage their experience with Microsoft Office ... [More]

Create a Waterfall Chart Template using Reporting Service 2005

Waterfall chart is a special type of floating-column chart, it is normally used for understanding how an initial value is affected by a series of intermediate positive or negative values. Usually the initial and the final values are represented by whole columns, while the intermediate values are den... [More]