Insight from Agora Consultants

Never Migrate Again

“If you go Online you’ll never pay me for a migration again.” I’ve said this to a number of clients lately and I’m sure I’ll say it to many more over the next couple of years. I always say it with a smile and, at first, the client thinks I’m kidding. I’m not. It is an odd thing to hear from a cons... [More]

It Takes a Team

One of the more troubling trends I’ve seen in RFPs lately is the request to bid an “expert” to assist with or complete an implementation of an EPM solution. Some will ask for a few experts and in both cases will focus on the submitted resumes for validation that the bid qualifies. I do understand wh... [More]

It’s Still an EPM Implementation

We continue to see clients moving to Microsoft Project Online as their Enterprise Project Management (EPM) solution.  As I’ve written in a previous blog we see trend continuing and we believe it is the right direction for most organizations. There are new SaaS solutions being introduced to the... [More]

Agora is ‘all in’ on Project Online

Agora is ‘all in’ on Project Online; we believe that Project Online offers our clients the best option for project management solutions going forward. More broadly, we believe that Office 365 is the way forward for nearly all organizations. Cloud computing’s momentum is undeniable. Our First Impre... [More]