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Everything becomes Business Intelligence

Our Enterprise Project Management (EPM) team was meeting with a client the other day to go over their requirements around the implementation of Microsoft Project Server.  We spent a great deal of time talking about reporting and dashboards and the type of information that the different people in their organization need to get their respective jobs done.  As the conversation unfolded, I was reminded of an article that we wrote several years ago about Prioritizing Business Intelligence initiatives because the thought process was very similar.  In that article, we summarized as follows: Understand:  Everything must be done in the context of an organization’s goals and strategy. Collect:  You need to capture and ensure high quality of the necessary data to create the reports required. Analyze:  The captured data needs to be worked upon using intelligence and technology tools in order to gain insight. Deliver:  Reports need to be created and delivered in the right format, through the right channels at the right time The article we wrote was specifically about BI initiatives, but the process is almost identical to what we go through with our EPM customers.  Business Intelligence is pervasive.

Using Microsoft SQL Server 2008® as a Business Intelligence Platform

Microsoft recently released SQL Server 2008.  There are many updates and changes to this very popular database platform.  Our Business Intelligence lead, Craig McQueen, has written a very informative article about using the new features of SQL Server 2008 to build a robust BI platform for any organization. You can access the detailed article here: