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Before undertaking a BI project, make sure you can answer this question

If you have new information how will you run your organization differently?

If you are not ready to make changes in your company, having new information will not contribute new value. You must be ready to break old habits. You must be ready to make new decisions based on the facts.

For instance, if you are implementing a BI system to report on Sales activities, you may be faced with information that tells you that you need to:

  • stop the sale of a non-producing product
  • fire a sales person not hitting quota
  • drop an unprofitable customer
  • put more marketing dollars towards a popular product

You have to be ready for process change as well. BI systems usually save labour by automating reports. Surprisingly though, people may be reluctant to stop manually preparing reports. They may be quite comfortable creating them the way they always have when they had control over exactly where the numbers came from and where they went.

A Business Intelligence system can only arm you with the information about what changes need to be made – making the changes is up to you.

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