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Is your organization inefficient with your project information?

From inception through to deployment how efficient is your organization with its information about projects? As a project goes through its lifecycle a multitude of information is collected, stored and reported on. Often this grows organically as different groups involved in a project collect and store different information.

The diagram below shows this process both for an efficient and an inefficient organization.



Typically what happens in an organization is different groups are responsible for the different steps along the project lifecycle. They develop or find their own tools to fit their own specific needs. This leads to islands of information all about the same topic – projects.

Problems that occur in this situation include:

  1. The same type of information stored in multiple places leads to data quality issues. An update in one place isn’t necessarily reflected in another.
  2. Information stored in different places leads to different reports being generated.  This leads to confusion as the format and interpretation of reports can be different.
  3. There is an exposure to institutional knowledge risk. Localized point solutions are often “home-grown” leading to a difficultly in supporting them if key resources leave.
  4. Data needs to be re-entered into different systems along the way.
  5. It is difficult to have traceability of a project through the lifecycle.

A centralized platform address these problems and introduce additional benefits:

  • Provides a common user experience.
  • An organization grows with the platform. As features are added with upgrades the entire organization gets a lift.
  • Reduces the support requirements.

Agora has assisted organizations with moving from data islands to a common platform. Drop me a line if your are interested in hearing about options for your organization.

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