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Light Weight Testing with TFS

Visual Studio Update 2 added a light weight browser based test management to the TFS toolkit.  This capability allows testers to perform step-based testing with only a browser. The tester no longer requires Test Manager to get to the functionality they need to perform their tasks.

This is a significant piece of functionality because in my experience many of our clients have been turned off by the fact that they need to install Test Manager for “casual” testers.

Test Manager still plays an important role, but now this product can be used by the Test Leads to plan and review test plans while the testers focus on a simpler set of functionality.

Accessing the Test Plans

To access the Test Plans click the Test link in the top menu and then select the appropriate test plan from the drop down list.


Selecting a specific Test Suite shows the associated test cases.


Creating a Test Case

To create a new case select the New menu item in the results pane.


The new test case screen will open which allows you to create full test case including the steps.


Run a Test

In order to run a test you select the test case from the results pane and click Run in the menu.


The test case steps will now open in a narrow browser pane that allows the tester to view the steps and indicates pass or fail for each step while viewing the application at the same time.


Testers have similar functionality to Test Runner – they can pass or fail individual steps and pass or fail the entire test case.  Taking screen shots and video is not supported directly, but the tester can add attachments.

Reviewing Results

Reviewing test suite results in the browser can be performed quickly by just clicking on the test suites in the tree and viewing the status in results pane.



The browser-based access to test plans is a great addition to Visual Studio/TFS.  Testers can now perform tests and record results using just the browser.  Test Manager can still be used for more complex testing that might required recordings or IntelliTrace.

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