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Metrics for Successful Project Delivery

With the start of the New Year I’ll be kicking off a series of related posts. Through January, the Business Intelligence posts will be focused on going deep with the key metrics required for delivering projects.

As a start, you can read the web article on Performance Management for the PMO or you can read the full whitepaper. The difference between these posts and the content in the article is that for each metric discussed, I will provide some guidance on setting the targets for your organization.

The strategy map below provides the model which I will follow. I’ll take some of the key objectives from the strategy map and outline the metrics different roles in an organization need to support the objectives.



Why bothering measuring?

By having metrics in place your organization will have greater transparency and understanding of how well resources (financial and people) are being utilized in your organization. Through this understanding better decisions can be made leading to increased company value.

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