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Objective: Deliver Projects on Time

The last objective I will look at as part of the series supporting Metrics for Successful Project Delivery is “Deliver Projects on Time”. Along with budget it is the most watched metric for projects. The key point to recognize is different people in an organization have different ways to contributing to this objective. Although all roles are supporting the same objective, each role requires different metrics to support their individual job contribution to the objective.

As an example, the Senior Management Team need projects to be delivered in order to support their business strategy. The aggregate view of how well projects are delivering to timelines provides a view of the progress of the implementation of their strategy. A team member has direct impact on the timeliness of project delivery by delivering their individual tasks on time. If a team member starts falling behind on tasks its a good indication that the overall project will be late.

The following table provides a summary of the roles and metrics used to contribute to the objective of delivering projects on time.

Role Context Sample Metric Sample Target
Senior Management Team The SMT needs visibility of the timing of projects supporting their strategy. Number of projects forecast to be late. 0
Business Project Sponsor Needs to update the project schedule to communicate to the rest of the business. Forecasted end date - baseline end date 0
PMO Director Being aware of how the organization is performing permits the Director to focus resources to problems. Number of projects forecasted to be late. 0
Project Manager Responsible for the project state. Forecasted end date – Baseline end date 0
Team Member The project schedule is dependent on its composite tasks. A team member has impact on the tasks assigned to them and thus the overall schedule. Number of late tasks.
Remaining work on started tasks.

I’ve selected three sample objectives and metrics for the past blog posts. These examples show how to align your organization around the same objectives while maximizing their individual contribution by having metrics targeted to their role.

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