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Project Management Office (PMO) Effectiveness

I just returned from the Microsoft Project Conference in Anaheim that ran from February 2 through February 5, 2014.

At the conference I attended a very interesting session that included Gartner analyst Donna Fitzgerald.  She gave a very provocative presentation about how the PMO needs to change in order to better provide value to their organizations.  Her rallying cry was “from Tactical to Strategic” stating that simply delivering projects on time and on budget was not sufficient now.  It was more important to ensure that all projects delivered value in terms of contributing to the strategic objectives of the organization.

I couldn’t agree more.   And it reminded me of a great article written by one of our staff over three years ago that addresses very much the same topic.  In order to provide value to an organization, the PMO has to fully understand this difference and execute on it every day.  In our work delivering project management technology solutions, this distinction is top of mind in all implementations. It’s a joy to work with progressive organizations who embrace this concept. 

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