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Project Management in the Cloud

In the recent months we have seen quite a number of clients who are seriously considering or have made the decision to move their Project Management infrastructure “to the cloud” and specifically to Microsoft’s Project Online ( )

There are many reasons for this move.  There has been a great deal of hype around all kinds of cloud offerings and Microsoft has deemed themselves “all in” on the cloud for the past several years.  But the actual uptake of these offerings has been somewhat slower than the hype might suggest.  But as many organizations are trying (and liking) things like Office 365 and realizing the benefits, they are now considering more portions of the cloud story. 

In order to assist companies with their assessment of Project Online, we’ve created two QuickStart offerings.  The first one focuses on project execution and the other on portfolio management.  Between them we cover the full spectrum of what Project Online can do for you.

Details on these QuickStarts can be found at this link: 

No doubt the move to the cloud will continue to accelerate in the upcoming months.

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