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Small tool big job-SharePoint 2010 Developer Dashboard

Have you ever suffered through a SharePoint page taking a long to render? If you did, how easy was it to find out what caused it? This may not be a easy task, but now SharePoint 2010 has a new feature call Developer Dashboard which provides performance and tracing information about the page rendering process. This can be used to debug and troubleshoot issues.

Just note this feature is turned off by default. It can be turned on/off either by STSADM, PowerShell command or by Code. As I am handy with STSADM, I will simply use the command:

stsadm –o setproperty –pn developer-dashboard –pv OnDemand

That’s it, very simple and quick without coding and deploy, now you will notice on the SharePoint page, on the right upper corner there is a small logo:


We now know the Developer Dashboard feature is turned ON.

Navigate to a page, scroll down to the bottom, you will find notice the content like below:


This provides performance and tracing information to us including:

· A summarize of page total loading time.

· Loading times for each Web Part on the page.

· Rendering time of each Control in the page.

· Response times for each Database Query and Service Call executed in the page rendering process.

There is another thing to be noticed, some sections like Database Queries; Service Calls are actually hyperlinks which can be drilled down to more detail report.


Now how do you think this tool will help us trouble shoot the page loading issues? If you don’t like it then just turn it off again:

stsadm –o setproperty –pn developer-dashboard –pv Off

You now have no excuse for slowly loading SharePoint pages!

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