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Team Foundation Server 2013 Released–New Features

Team Foundation Server (TFS) 2013 has been officially released.  This article is a quick summary of the features that I think are most noteworthy.

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Portfolio Management: Backlogs across multiple teams

In Team Foundation Server 2013, you can manage your work in a portfolio backlog that provides a management team insight into work across several agile teams.

A management team defines the high-level goals and tracks work across multiple agile teams. Agile teams are the ones doing the work, breaking down items into tasks, fixing bugs, and contributing to the overall picture. All teams will have their own backlogs and boards, and will also have a roll-up view of the customer experiences supported by their work.

The screen shot below shows a management view of a backlog rolled up to the feature and product backlog items.

You can choose the level of detail to view


A new work item type named Features has been added. Features are used to facilitate the portfolio management noted above, but on their own I think they are a great addition.

Shown below a Feature is a rollup work item that can have one or more child requirements.  This work item is a great addition since it allows high level stakeholders to have visibility into the project at the feature level without the need to see all the requirements or user stories.

CMMI 7.0 work item types

Team Rooms

Team room provides an area for fostering and capturing communication among team members.  By using the team room instead of email threads, you automatically receive an audit trail of conversations and decisions. By reviewing the archive, you can quickly catch up with the team when you’ve been away or in a different time zone.

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