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The Forgotten Solution – Productivity Increases

In Canada’s national paper, the Globe and Mail, this weekend, columnist Leah Eichler made the following leap of logic. 

She quoted that in a recent survey 70% of Canadian employers expected to increase their business this year, while only 38% planned to increase staff.  Her immediate conclusion was “long days, longer nights and a whole lot of exhaustion”.  What followed was an article on working smarter not harder and the benefits of prioritization.

While both those things are good, I find it interesting that the author doesn’t even consider productivity increases as a potential solution.  This may suggest that Canada’s woeful performance on this front (as highlighted consistently by the OECD) has now become entrenched in our thinking. 

Those of us in the IT sector tend to think quite differently.  We spend all of our time helping organizations increase their productivity through the intelligent application of technology.  The current trend towards cloud computing, new mobile form factors and sophisticated use of Big Data for improved decision making are just a small sampling of the technologies that will allow us all to do more with the same – maybe even with less.

The three (or two) day work week may not be on the immediate horizon but there is no reason to believe doing more with the same should result in more long nights and exhaustion.

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