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Tips For SharePoint Remote Debugging

As many of the developers don’t have WSS or MOSS installed at development environment, the Visual Studio Remote Debugger will help us to debug our SharePoint applications.

There are couples of things needs to be notice while remote debugging:

1.           Run Remote Debugging Monitor in Server using the same domain account Running Visual Studio, which is your own account.

2.           Deploy SharePoint DLL to the Server, either put to the site bin folder (InetPut/Wss/VirtualDirectory/[port number]/bin ) or deploy to the GAC.

If deploy to the BIN folder, just copy .dll and .pdb.

But if deploy to the GAC, we cannot directly copy .pdb to the Windows\Assembly folder.

We have to open a Command window, type the following command:

cd c:\windows\assembly\GAC_MSIL

And under this folder, there will be a directory for each DLL deployed to the GAC, and inside this directory there will be a sub directory which format as: [dll version]__[dll public key]

For example, if I deployed a MySharePointDLL.dll to GAC. The version for this DLL is, and the public key token is ‘c9ba1216a080defe’.  This is the place to copy .pdb inside.

Copy MySharePointDLL.pdb  c:\windows\assembly\GAC_MSIL\ MySharePointDLL\ c9ba1216a080defe\.

This needs to be done in command window, I first try to do this in Windows Explorer but cannot find GAC_MSIL folder.

3.           When attaching process to the remote Server, as we are not sure which process of W3WP.exe should be used, so in simple just select all of them.

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