Insight from Agora Consultants

What’s your number?

If you needed to look at one number (only one number) on a daily basis to run your Business what would it be? What would that number be for a weekly basis? Monthly?

The next question is do you know what those three numbers are today? If not why not? If they are three of the most critical numbers to your business shouldn’t you have them?

As an exercise, pick what your daily number should be. Go get that number every day for the next week. See if it makes a difference to the decisions you make through the day.

If you are in Sales it might be the size of the sales funnel.

If you are a Programmer it might be the number of outstanding defects.

If you are a Resource Manager it might be the number of unallocated project tasks in the next three months.

To use Business Intelligence in your organization you need to know what numbers are important. You don’t need a lot of numbers – just the key ones.

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